Sed Contra: A Podcast of Catholic Theology

Is Mary Co-Redemptrix? Is She Mediatrix of All Graces?

Episode Summary

On this episode, Drs. Kevin Clarke, William Diem, Daniel Lendman, and Taylor Patrick O'Neill discuss the Marian titles of "Co-Redemptrix" and "Mediatrix of all Graces." Can the titles be applied to Mary? What precisely do the titles designate? The participants debate the precise meaning of the titles and consider whether the Church should formally declare them.

Episode Notes

"Pope Francis says Mary is not the ‘co-redemptrix’"

Garrigou-Lagrange, Mother of the Savior 

Charles De Koninck, "Ego Sapientia" 

"Vatican’s doctrinal office: Don’t promote alleged apparitions connected to ‘Lady of All Nations’


"Development of Doctrine: Revelation, Magisterium, and Human Reason"

June 10-12, 2021| Rochester, NY

Additional Papers Requested. See link above for more details.